Paladin Medical, Inc. offers a full range of award-winning medical product regulatory, clinical and technical contract services to the medical device industry. Here is a summary of our key services with links to full service descriptions:
  • Customized Medical Device Training +

    Paladin Medical trains your engineers to your standards, at a level suitable for your medical device and regulatory complexity. read more
  • Biomaterials +

    Paladin Medical guides you to select biomaterials with a higher potential for successful application in medical device design. read more
  • Risk Management +

    Paladin Medical uses Risk Analysis to support and improve your new product development and submissions. read more
  • Due Diligence +

    Paladin Medical determines if new medical device firms have sound regulatory and development plans. read more
  • Qualification Planning +

    Paladin Medical coordinates the development of protocols, identifies qualified labs, and sets quality assurance requirements for new medical devices. read more
  • Regulatory Compliance and Conformity +

    Getting FDA clearance of your medical device is just the beginning. Paladin Medical helps clients maintain a steady program of regulatory compliance. read more
  • Design Control +

    Paladin Medical assures that successful regulatory submissions are supported by FDA-compliant Design Control and Review systems. read more
  • Global Regulatory Strategy +

    If your intend to market internationally, Paladin Medical will help you determine how your product will be regulated in major medical device markets. read more
  • Submissions +

    Paladin Medical will assess submission requirements for your new medical product to optimize your regulatory strategy. read more
  • Clinical Trial Management +

    Paladin Medical provides services at all levels of clinical study planning, management, and field monitoring. read more
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