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About Paladin Medical®

Paladin Medical®, Inc. offers a full range of medical device regulatory, clinical, and technical services for FDA and international premarket applications. We provide bedrock training and procedure templates to assure regulatory compliance as the product is developed and your company evolves.

Unparalleled Experience
Paladin Medical’s® expertise and commitment to high performance have resulted in countless successful product submissions.
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Paladin Medical® has the hands-on engineering, development, and executive management experience that not all regulatory consultants can offer. We work with our clients to define the best regulatory approach for new products, helping companies small and large to develop premarket submissions, and clinical studies supporting all aspects of premarket applications.

Elaine Duncan, MS.ME., RAC, FAIMBE is the President and Founder of Paladin Medical® and a recognized leader in regulatory and clinical strategies for new medical device technology. She is an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the F. Joseph Halcomb III, M.D. Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky. Prior to forming Paladin Medical® in 1987, Elaine held key executive positions in start-up medical companies as well as senior development responsibilities and acquisition assessment responsibilities at a major medical device manufacturer. From this broad experience in diverse medical areas, including artificial hearts, vascular grafts, and neurological implants, Elaine brings practical, “real-world” knowledge of bringing complicated devices and new biomaterials to market. A brief biographical sketch is provided here, and a full resume is available upon request.
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LaVonne Waldon, Client Services Manager, joined Paladin Medical® in 2016 to expand client services. Ms. Waldon facilitates communication between the clients, the President and other consulting staff to ensure client requirements are met. She supports the company’s computer systems and the web-based document portal provided for client file interchange and manages the company quality system templates. Ms. Waldon brings over seven years’ experience with a blood perfusion monitor product as a customer service representative, conducting client training and sales support. LaVonne brings extensive database management skills as well as proficiency with Excel spreadsheet applications and validation to the services within the company.
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A Brief History of Paladin
The modern meaning of the word “Paladin” is a heroic champion and strong supporter or defender of a cause. It is derived from the Latin “palatines,” meaning “of the palace,” and came to mean a warrior or knight. The twelve knights of Charlemagne were called Paladins; their mission to solve disputes between the king’s subjects. Numerous video games now try to capture the heroism. Without doubt the most indelible PALADIN from late 1950s was played by Richard Boone in the popular Western “Have Gun Will Travel”. He solved problems with intellect, not gunfire. The knight symbol on his business card conveyed his message of stoic service.

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