Congratulations to Shaye Mandle, President and CEO (formerly known as LifeSciences Alley) and the board of directors for their sound decision to recapture the trade name:  MEDICAL ALLEY.  We were not happy when the name was changed about 10 years ago.  Theoretically the organization was supposed to benefit from a more inclusive name.  The change diluted the bragging rights of local medical device company members, since MEDICAL ALLEY served as the model for similar trade organizations supporting the medical device industry across the country! The name and the innovators associated with that organization are recognized in the Smithsonian, for crying out loud.   Before the name change, MEDICAL ALLEY had been the “go to” group for the FDA and Congress when the voice of the industry was to be heard.  A few of the well remembered events in MEDICAL ALLEY history included a visit by the Dingell Subcommittee to learn how to strengthen the quality system regulations for medical devices, a visit by Dr. Burlington hosted by Senator Wellstone that gave birth to the recognition of standards as part of the device evaluation process and a change in FDA’s control of export of medical devices under development.  And of course, who can forget the visits by one of the most controversial commissioners, Dr. David Kessler.   MEDICAL ALLEY volunteers have developed draft guidance documents for the FDA and participated on many different advisory committees to the agency for policy and practice.  Many, many more services and activities for medical device manufacturers and patients and hospitals are to the credit of MEDICAL ALLEY.  We hope this change represents a renewal of the organization’s commission. Paladin Medical, Inc. received the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Healthcare Industry in1992.